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The Faculty Center for Innovation (formerly known as the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning) at Park University began publishing InSight: A Collection of Faculty Scholarship in 2006. The journal was originally launched as an internal peer-reviewed publication to highlight the scholarly accomplishments of Park University faculty. After two successful years as an internal publication, InSight expanded its scope in 2008 to include contributions of post-secondary faculty across the nation. To mark this transition, InSight: A Collection of Faculty Scholarship changed its name to InSight: A Journal of Scholarly Teaching.

InSight remains a refereed journal published annually by the Faculty Center for Innovation (FCI) that features theoretical and empirically-based research articles, critical reflection pieces, case studies and classroom innovations relevant to teaching, learning and assessment.

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To facilitate article dissemination, InSight: A Journal of Scholarly Teaching is indexed via EbscoHost.

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